Slot Machines of the Future

I was reading up on slot machines today and found out some pretty interesting things involving the future. They are actually going to go through many changes in the coming year, online and in casinos. The main thing that is going to change is that they will involve much more skill than they previously had. We are in the middle of the video game era, and slot machine manufacturers are rising to the challenge.

Slot machines are going to start having a more communal feel, as well as new inputs, such as joysticks. Gamers are going to feel more connected to other players and possibly have games connected together so you can see your opponent. I like the idea of playing a video game and getting rewarded for it!

Slot Machines already make up 60% of annual revenue from US casinos, so why are they striving to appeal to more players? Slots companies aren’t looking to appeal to the recycled player who will play slots either way because of their non-intimidating demeanor; they want the young gambler who spends their time and money at low-wager tables.

This news is taking the casino player by surprise, but many are very happy about the innovation. I take my slots very seriously, and I cannot wait to play these new games with high definition screens, as well as vibrating chairs, joysticks, and touch screens. No more just pulling down a lever, this new breed of slots is sure to delight and excite.