Online Roulette Game History and The Most Scandal Facts!

Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Translated from the French word “roulette” it means “small wheel”. There are so many different theories of free online roulette. One of the most credible theory suggests that the today’s online roulette games appeared in France in the seventeenth century thanks to the world great mathematician – B. Pascal, who has studied the theory of continuous revolution. We would also like to tell you about a very popular legend associated with online roulette system. It is believed that a gambler F.Blank signed a pact with the devil to learn the secret of a constant gain in this game. Many players believe in it, because if you sum up all the numbers that are provided on the roulette wheel, that is a number from 1 to 36, you get 666, which, as we know, is the number of Satan.

As the best online roulette games rules are simple enough to learn and make out in them the winning depends on luck, the game is very popular in casinos around the world that get a pretty good income from roulette. The game of roulette starts with the croupier which turns the wheel of a game and throws a small ball on the incline in the direction opposite the movement of the wheels.

The players look to move the ball around the circle and calculate where the ball can stop. While the players are watching this process, the dealer takes the bet on the number, color or size of the numbers fell. Usually, the dealer says: all the bets are made, no more bets allowed. This means that if you do not have time to make a bet, then you need to wait for the next batch of roulette. Bets can be made on a certain number or color, as well as all numbers between 1-18 and 19-36.

The greater the probability of the bets winning, the less the benefit in the event of winning is. Therefore, the game of roulette works under the famous saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Bet on the roulette wheel is divided into two main categories: betting on single numbers and the betting on the number of common characteristics. As stated above, we need a great experience to win the money betting on a single number.