Free Play or Cash Rewards?

I have been playing online casino games for quite a while now so when I read an article depicting the differences between cash rewards and free play rewards I had a lot of opinions about it. The article claimed that there were basically only drawbacks for being rewarded with free play was that you couldn’t ‘take your money and run’ so to speak. It is basically casino money that you had to spend in the casino.

Also with this free play reward you could potentially end up with nothing. After you have played your free plays away, you could be left with absolutely nothing. On the other hand though, I feel that free play greatly benefits you in a number of different ways. It could possibly double or even triple your winnings because you are basically forced to keep playing. When otherwise, if you just took the money and ran, you are only limited to that amount if you decide to stop playing.

Take for instance if you are on a roll, and your money is adding up, and then you get 15 free plays, that you otherwise would have stopped if you hadn’t received those plays, you could keep going and going, and win so much more than you had imagined.

All casinos offer free play and cash rewards on all roulette, craps, slot, and blackjack games. Most casinos do a nice variety of each type of reward. To learn more about the free play reward just Wikipedia it.