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Play Black Jack

How to Play the Blackjack Duel Game?

Blackjack Duel is an interesting card game that is best enjoyed when played with real money. This game can be played both online and at a casino house. This game starts when an ante bet is made by the player. One can also make a side bet called as 2 Up. One face up and one face down are the two cards used in the game play. The dealer gets two face down cards along with two face up community cards. Now, a player can either choose to fold hand or continue playing. The hand is over once a player wants to fold and forfeits the bet.  But if they choose to continue playing, a second bet should be made that equals in size to the actual ante bet.


A player requires making another choice if a second bet is placed. He/she must select one of the two community cards, and make it a part of your hand. Same as the other poker games, multiple players can make use of the community card in their hands. With this, a player will now hold a two card blackjack hand. The score of the game appears on screen. Then again, a player’s face down card will be removed once a player decides to stand. To add this face down card to the hard, a player must choose to hit.


In a standard Blackjack Duel game, a player will lose the hand if it is over 21. This leaves no option to the players even to try a split, double down or to hit several times. A hand is said to be complete if the face down card is used. The dealer will then, reveal one card if a player finishes playing their hand. He/she then selects one community card to add to their hand. The dealer will hit once if the hand 16 or lower.


The dealer will not qualify if the total hand less than 13. And the player is declared a winner, who can win money even on their ante bet regardless of their hand total. But if the total hand of a dealer goes over 13, then it is compared with the total of two hands of a player. Both player bets will win if a player has higher hand and loses if dealer has a higher hand. On the other hand, the game also includes the 2 Up Side bet as an optional bet. This is for letting the players to place bets on the up card and two community cards on the table.