Best Slot Machine Apps

One thing we do here at top online casinos is try to find the most up to date casino game information for you. This week we’ve decided to focus on slots. If you are looking for something new for your phone or computer, we can help you out.

Just like the commercial says: There’s an app for that. There literally is an application for everything these days. Many apps are designed to make your life easier or perhaps entertain you. What if I said I went out and found some apps that do both.  I scoured the internet, as well as tried out many different online slots to find you the best applications for slot games. I know some people do not want to pay for slots so I found some for free, and some for up to a couple bucks.

The best free application for slot games is “Slot Machine”. Seems generic enough, right? Well this game has over 20 different varieties of slots and will offer you up to $100 in welcoming bonuses. If you can spare a dollar I highly recommend “Lucky 7 slots” or “Monkey Money Slots”. Both of these games are highly entertaining and easy to navigate around.

If you can spare one more dollar “Vegas Slots” is by far the best slot app you can purchase. I didn’t think it was possible but this game actually makes you feel like you are in Vegas. There are the best applications out right now; I’ll try to cover either craps or blackjack next week so check back.