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Play Black Jack

3 StrategiesFor Blackjack.

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  • January 19th, 2014

Playing blackjack online needs certain rules and strategies to increase the chance of winning. Also, since there are many fake sites, it is necessary that you choose the official bookmaker to ensure that you are not being cheated.

1)    Understand The Rules:If you are aware of blackjack rules, then you have an option to stand. This is mostly allowed to the player when he or she reaches 17 or more. Below this, it is not allowed to go for a stand. Some of the casinos do not permit the split of a third ace. The overall summary of this is to suggest you that the rules changes from casino to casino even though you are playing blackjack. Hence make sure you read, understand and get acquainted all the rules of the casino before you play.

2)    Implications: A live blackjack has four actions. These are called as insurance, doubling, surrender, down and splitting. Choosing any of these would simply mean that you are betting on the dealer’s hole card. Whenever you decide to choose one of these, you need to understand what it implies. For instance, if you choose to make the insurance bet, you will be betting on the hole card of the dealer. Hole card would mean that you bet that the card is any one among 10 or the king, queen and the jack. This would mean your chances of getting right guess is around 33% as you are betting 4 cards out of 13. Hence you should understand the implication of your move and calls.

3)   Counting:A very often suggestion given to blackjack players is to count the value of all the cards. Counting the number of cards that are present should give you rough estimate of the game and also a proper strategy can be applied.


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