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Various types of casino bonuses

The casino bonuses are of different types focused on various stages and types of players. The various types of bonuses which are in vogue are discussed in this article. The bonus schemes are regularly being updated by the Excellent Online Casinos owners with a view to lure the players to their sites and this is the rule of any business which is to achieve the maximum profit by surpassing the promotional tactics of their opponents. In the days of open competition with abundant market there used to be fair and healthy competition which used to be the impetus for development and more benefits to the clients and the consumers. But the present days are of restricted market condition where many are struggling to survive. Today the prosperity of one means the depravity of many.

Welcome bonuses are for the beginners who are given options to play without requiring to deposit any money. The new players first play and wager in order to get acquainted with the game. Later when they feel like playing full-fledged they can deposit and earn money. But the players are not allowed to withdraw the winnings from their account with the casino sites.


The reload bonus is aimed at the older existing players so that they can be tempted to stay on at the site. But the bonus amount is credited to their account only after they reload their deposit money thus ensuring their stay at the site. The bonus amount is also related to the deposit amount thus luring the players to deposit more amount as deposit money in order to get the benefit of reload bonus amount. The percentage of reload bonus is generally fixed at 20% of deposit money.


High roller bonuses are given to the moneyed people who can afford to deposit large amount of money with the intention to stay on at the site. The bonus amount gets added to their deposit amount. They also are entitled to many benefits and perks such as extraordinary promotion, membership of reputed and posh clubs and many such beneficial perks so as to make their long stay with the Gibraltar Online Casinos pleasant and memorable.